Case Study


Case Study


We’ve been active in the world’s fight to preserve our armamentarium against deadly pathogens, and to prepare the world’s post-COVID response to future pandemics.

Enabling the global 
response to super bugs


Action against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was lacking around the globe. The Wellcome Trust asked us to design and lead a 30 country summit to accelerate progress.

Our Approach

  • Defined, for the first time, the range of policy interventions to advance infection prevention and optimal use of antibiotics in both human health and agriculture.
  • Curated the evidence available to weigh the effectiveness of each.
  • Designed and led a 2-day interactive, multi-disciplinary summit.


The summit highlighted specific actions that countries can take immediately to counter AMR, while tailoring their response to national circumstances. The final report and accompanying journal publications informed the United Nations response.

Final Report

Evidence for action on antimicrobial resistance

“Galen/Atlantica brings intellectual rigor to complex, ambiguous and technical problems.”

Tim Jinks
Head of Interventions at Wellcome Trust