Case Study


Case Study


Clearing developmental, regulatory, and reimbursement hurdles.

Launching a break through 
therapy in a crowded space


Ocrevus, the first therapy with efficacy in the most severe and previously untreatable form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), was preparing for launch in a crowded space. Cost effectiveness perceptions varied across populations, threatening patient access.

Our Approach

  • Curated the evidence base to show the full cost of MS, including the impact of degrading arm and hand function upon patient independence.
  • Trained Roche country counterparts on how to deploy the evidence and raise treatment aspirations by highlighting the loss of independence from growing symptom burden.


The resulting launch was cited by Severin Schwan, CEO of Roche, as “the most successful launch in the history of Roche.”

Case Study in the News

Most Impressive Drug Launch: Roche’s Ocrevus