Case Study


Case Study


Building a better policy environment.

Value & funding for Alzheimer’s 
Disease treatments


The first generation of disease-modifying Alzheimer’s disease treatments challenge current models for value assessment and funding. Health systems need new models for measuring and assessing value that include holistic and societal benefits of Alzheimer’s disease treatments.

Our Approach

  • Convened drug developers and reimbursement authorities to address the value and funding challenges raised by Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Developed an analytical framework for addressing value and reimbursement challenges and developed archetypal drug profiles to work through as a group.


The work, which continued as Project Alzheimer’s Value Europe (PAVE), initiated a sustained effort to prepare health systems for the launch of disease-modifying Alzheimer’s disease treatments, which are now finally reaching patients. This collaborative multi-stakeholder forum is addressing the assessment of, and funding for, emerging Alzheimer’s therapies and diagnostics.

Final Report

From Innovation to Impact: 
Introducing Project Alzheimer’s Value Europe