Case Study


Case Study


Fact-based advocacy to evolve healthcare.

Our team’s combination of technical, strategic and legal perspectives creates a powerful vehicle for fact-based advocacy on healthcare issues.

Creating a sustainable
innovation ecosystem


Rising resistance to existing antibiotics, coupled with a market failure holding back investment in the development of new therapies, is leading to a crisis in healthcare. Despite the growing threat, the pharmaceutical industry had never before spoken with one voice to articulate a sustainable model of innovation.

Our Approach

  • Partnered with the UK Government and three global pharmaceutical companies to produce a balanced set of industry needs and commitments necessary for the creation of a sustainable antibiotics innovation ecosystem.
  • Refined the resulting Industry Declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance with other major industry players.
  • Released the completed set of needs and commitments at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos.


Over 100 companies and organizations signed on to the Industry Declaration. It was featured in the New York Times and gave rise to the AMR Industry Alliance dedicated to advancing its goals.

Final Report

Declaration by the Pharmaceutical,
Biotechnology and Diagnostics Industries on
Combating Antimicrobial Resistance