Galen/Atlantica is a transatlantic strategy firm that works across the life cycle spanning regulatory, value & access, and uptake & use across major therapeutic areas. We partner with life science innovators, government officials, and members of civil society to advance life-saving medicines & medical technologies by addressing policy and health system challenges.

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Co-founders with a combined 30+ years of life-science experience lead each project
Trusted partner to government and civil society decision-makers
McKinsey and BCG strategy heritage
Bespoke team of leading global experts
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Matt’s career spans leadership roles across multiple professional services firms, most recently as a co-founder of Galen/Atlantica. His perspective is shaped by his experiences in public health from the Peace Corps, passion for good policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and belief that the private sector is best positioned to develop life-saving medicines. Matt continues to lead (and love) client work, and has been privileged to guide over 100 projects over the past two decades.

Matt Diver


Nicholas is excited by developing the strategies and partnerships that enable frontier technologies to transform economies, health systems and patient lives. A Washington lawyer turned international strategy consultant, he brings to his client work an intellectual rigor honed at Latham & Watkins and McKinsey along with the ability to engage hearts and minds. A graduate of MIT and Harvard Law School, Nicholas is an aspiring global citizen who splits his time between the United States and Europe.
Nicholas Gertler


Matt and Nicholas are supported by a team of leading global experts.

“Galen/Atlantica has the rare ability to bring a human element and disruptive solutions to intractable problems, cutting the Gordian knots impeding progress.”

Tim Hunt

CEO of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM)

Galen/Atlantica has partnered with a
diverse range of healthcare innovators.